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Mgmt_CLI command fails when using 'send-logs-to-server' function

Question asked by nicholas rowe on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by 6bd44513-0a7a-422f-94c5-5ecacd49d16e

So im trying to modify the log server set on a specific gateway using the mgmt_cli command on my R80.10 Smart-1 Mgmt server and I keep getting the following error:


DC1-XXXX-MGMT01> mgmt_cli set simple-gateway name DC1-XXX-DEV-XXXFW01 send-logs-to-server add DC2-XXXX-MGMT01
MGMT9000 Error: The parameters of set-simple-gateway command should be provided in pairs (key and value). You have provided an odd number of parameters which suggests that you are probably missing a parameter.


I looked through the Mgmt CLI documentation but cannot find any guidance on the use of that command.