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Multiple expired licenses on Smart Update problem

Discussion created by Lluis Sole on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Günther W. Albrecht

Hi mates,


Recently I've had an issue with my R80.10 Management. Few months ago, while updating evaluation Endpoint licenses, one of them got stuck and it was impossible to deatach it from SmartUpdate.


Time passed and we noticed that the stuck licenses were multiplying without cause.


This morning I counted 600+ expired Endpoint licenses from diferents dates, with diferents serials.


Deleting all this licenses from SmartUpdate was impossible.


Need to go to CLI and use "cplic print -x"  and "cplic del <serial>" to get ride of the problem, as explained on this post.


But I need to create a simple script to get ride of all of them in a more efficient way.

//$1 its a parameter used to filter expiration date on license list ex: "2Dec2018"

for i in `cplic print -x |fgrep $1 | tr -s ' ' | tr "\t" " " | cut -d' ' -f3`
    `cplic del $i`

After deleting all the expired licenses I could return to SmartUpdate and refresh the management license (get licenses) to clean all that mess of expired stuff.


Now the problem its gone, but I'm thinking about the way of solving this.

It was really dangerous to use an script to delete licenses, I'm really afraid to delete the good ones..


There is a better way to engage this problem?


I didnt find the cause of this expired license growth, any ideas to analyze it, logfiles to search, etc..?



Thanks for reading and hope this could be usefull to anyone with similar problems.