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NTP clock sync not working on cloudguard R80.10 HA

Question asked by Usman Shaikh on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Usman Shaikh

Hi All...

I have successfully deployed Checkpoint cloudguard HA cluster running R80.10 using Check Point CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure R80.10 and above Deployment Guide ..

Internet ---- eth0 ( 21)/28) FW1 eth1 ( 38)/28) -------Inside (towards on-premise NTP server)

As per the template the FW is deployed wth a backend loadbalancer with an IP of No frontend-lb has been deployed

My NTP server sits on-premise network with IP address of

I have added the route for NTP server on the firewall pointing towards (first IP on the inside eth1 subnet)

However I see a strange behaviour where the initial NTP packet is sourced from the backend-lb IP address ( towards NTP server which then replies back to the FW1 IP address (.37) followed by an ICMP unreachable sourced from backend-lb to the NTP server

As soon as I remove the route via eth1 interface (forcing traffic to go out via default route on eth0 interface) I can see bi-directional comms between the FW eth0 interface and the NTP server

15:00:13.292177 IP > NTPv3, Client, length 48
15:00:13.317949 IP > NTPv3, Server, length 48

However even with this bi-directional comms, the output of show ntp current displays

No server has yet to be synchronized

I have attached wireshark captures from both eth0 and eth1 interface

The end goal here is to get NTP (and all other comms to on-premise network) working via the inside interface

Any ideas ?