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156-820.77 MDM with VSX after CCSE R80

Question asked by Maik Dummer on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Maik Dummer

Hello guys,


Just a small question that came into my mind. I'm currently thinking about attending the course for the 156-820.77 Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension, together with the exam.

As far as I understand this course is only available for the R77 release and therefore the certification exam will be R77 related - together with the cert in the end. My "problem", or more or less question, is; is it possible to attend to this exam without having a R77 CCSE but only a R80 one? And if that should be possible - will it extend my R80 CCSE or does it count as a separate track on its own, as it is R77 based? And lastly, are there any plans to release that course and exam for the R80 track?