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Question asked by Matt Dunn on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by Poh Seng Anthony Lum

Hi all,


Does anyone have any experience with ForeScout products?  One of my customers has asked the question:


We are exploring options on Wi-Fi portals for guest access on our Wi-Fi.

One option is to utilize our Forescout however we then need a local DNS which can resolve the local Forescout device but also any subsequent DNS requests.

Can the [Check Point] firewall do this or can it acts as a DNS forwarder to our internal DNS server – and if so is there any issue / concern with this approach?


I don't know well ForeScount well enough (at all!) to immediately answer him.  His question doesn't tell me how ForeScout DNS works so I wondered if anyone else happens to know or has done a similar thing in their environment?  My first thought is that he really doesn't want visitors and guests using his internal DNS.  Does anyone with experience with this product know if that's what he probably means?