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Are there any implied rules on SMB appliances and can I show them?

Question asked by Severin Dellsperger on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Severin Dellsperger

Hi guys,


We used to configure "standard rules" for gateways, something like this:

This GWInternetAnyNTPallow
This GWInternetAnyDNSallow
This GWInternetAnyICMPallow
This GWInternetAnyHTTP(S)allow


The goal was to allow the gateway to set up connections for the update service, license service, etc.

Now I tried the connections withous these rules above and it worked without any problems.

I'd like to know:

Are there any implied rules on the SMB appliances, which allow the gateway to connect to the update service, get time updates, etc?

Are there any possibilities to display them?


Thank you.


Best Regards

Severin Dellsperger