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PAT/NAT to routed subnet?

Question asked by Adam Sztymelski on Feb 3, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Adam Sztymelski

Hi firewall masters!

I need your help with nat, port forward or whatsoever to confirm (or deny) my idea to grant access to my webserver from Internet.

We have /24 of public IP's, cutted on CP firewall. Some of them are used by network equipment, let say /29, and some of them by servers in DMZ, LAN, where ever was needed.

We have also few branches connected through sd-wan.

Subnet is reachable by static route, its not directly connected.

And now i need to make visible in internet one server from that branch.

Is it possible to do this on CP by NAT, ARP policies?

When i did manual NAT, webserver is reachable but only in LAN, never from outside.

Many thanks for your help, ideas how to achieve this.