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VPN Backup to MPLS

Question asked by Serban Biliuti on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Maarten Sjouw

I'm trying to come up with a working solution to have a redundant VPN link to a remote site as a backup to the MPLS link already deployed there.


Since we break out from the DC and MPLS out the Firewall we terminate our VPNs on, I'm struggling to find a way to have the return traffic from the MPLS go back on the MPLS instead out the VPN which is connected and route static.


The Breakout CP has OSPF that redistributes in MPLS BGP. 


I know how to route traffic over the MPLS from the site and within the DC. My worry is with the internet traffic that's coming back to the Site. I'm worried about ending up with asymmetric routing and out of state packets.


Any ideas? VPN_Trust is true, Looked at RBP but that is not dynamic based on if the MPLS is available.