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ipv6 missing os route - RFx ?

Question asked by 89f54c70-508c-400f-9477-dd8648799b1e on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by Mark Mitchell

Hi Mates, got something unusual to you (at least I think it is unique but might be wrong). I cannot get a rid of the logs (stealth-wise) of following entries and R80.20 report them all the time in logs as dropped due to the "missing OS route".

What do you think? It is just misconcept of ipv6 route vs. nat64/46 or I'm just getting paranoid at some point?


Sorry if the entire ipv6 isn't your strongest point Im afraid I live with ipv6 with CP for a while now and each of my customer's plus myself privately uses ipv6 as "dual-stack" all the time so my ipv6 issues are either sporadic and serious or I'm sorting them out myself on-the-fly


Thanks for all the hints in advance. Here is the log record (should you need anyth. else - ask):


ps. bond1 is "internal-lan-interface" not WAN facing one.


Time: 2019-02-01T10:48:11Z
Interface Direction: inbound
Interface Name: bond1
Id: 01020301-e6bf-c920-5c54-23eb02ff0000
Id Generated By Indexer:true
First: true
Sequencenum: 4
Source: ::ffff:
Destination: ::ffff:
Destination Port: 3
IP Protocol: 6
Message Information: Missing OS route
Action: Drop
Type: Log
Policy Name: bla-bla-bla
Policy Management: cp
Db Tag: {52FA5790-CA72-A24C-A4A7-315A6C4DDFD4}
Policy Date: 2019-02-01T10:42:14Z
Blade: Firewall
Origin: cp
Service: TCP/3
Product Family: Access
Interface: bond1
Description: TCP/3 Traffic Dropped from ::ffff: to ::ffff:


no clue where this is coming from but also ... what to do with that crap :(