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r77.30 security gateway have issue connectiong to https web site

Question asked by Marco Valenti on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Marco Valenti

Hey checkmates


In the last day I encountered some issue when connecting to certain website in https with a r.7730 security gateway with jhfa take 342 app control e url filtering enabled.

We have implemente exceptions by regex and ovveride categorization without any success

At the moment full ssl inspection is not enabled we only categorize https site.

Running through a pcap capture I can only see the ssl client hello from my client but can't see any server hello , looking through the ciphers offered I can see that there are some offered by my client and there are some that can be accepted via ssl testing sites, despite that ssl negation won't go any further and connection get reset.


Did any f you encountered the same issue?


Thanks for your time