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API - SmartConsole CLI - usual script commands like error check, if then etc.

Question asked by Andreas Lorenzen on Jan 29, 2019



I am sorry, but the API reference does not point out how to check for error codes, breaks, doing loops etc.

As the CLi window allows to open a file, which implies you are able to use more then one command, my expectation would be to be able to control the flow. Found no excamples. Everything I found was shell based stuff with mgmt_cli.
My actual issue i.e is to install several policies one after the other. The issue is, when the script command finished, the real task has not finished yet. So you get an error only one install can run the same time.

But this is only one example I struggled with earlier.

I've tried shell commands, but the seems not to be allowed. Did I found a further limitation of the API?