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Azure Scale Set Gateways Disappeared from Policy

Question asked by Daniel Snyder on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Dmitry Gornushkin

We have deployed Azure Cloudguard Scale Set and have an interesting issue where our gateways are no longer present in the console. I looked at the auto-provision log and all I can see is the gateways are stuck in 'INITIALIZING' state. I know if I re-image them they will come back online but that also requires a slight rebuild of the gateway. Has anyone dealt with this and know how to reconnect the gateway to the manager without the redeploy?


Failed scale set log entries during gateway sync:

2019-01-24 21:22:36,179 MONITOR INFO {firewall #1}:  INITIALIZING
2019-01-24 21:22:36,203 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2}:  INITIALIZING


Our working scale set looks like the following in the same log during gateway sync:
2019-01-24 21:22:36,203 MONITOR INFO updating: {firewall #1} 
2019-01-24 21:22:36,204 MONITOR INFO {firewall #1}: COMPLETE
2019-01-24 21:22:36,204 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2} 
2019-01-24 21:22:36,256 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2} : COMPLETE



No issues with the auto-provision connectivity in general and no changes on our Azure side. These gateways were in my console at one point and then just disappeared and can't seem to find out why and a way to get them back in without a redeploy. Thanks in advance!


** UPDATE **

Looks like during a gateway sync the instances in the scale set could not be found (even though they existed and still do) and were deleted from the manager. However the firewalls still function but I am unable to manage them or push policy to them. Not sure how to get them back in to the policy without doing a re-image?