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R80.10 Exporting Searched Rules

Question asked by 0a6fa5a5-e7b6-42a8-9a31-513439c23b0b on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Ron Izraeli

Hello CheckMates!


We recently upgraded to R80.10 Management, often times we get requests such as, "please provide all ports open between abc and xyz."


In R77.x I would simply perform the search, then print the rulebase into a PDF.


I can't seem to find this functionality within R80.10, while we can export the rulebase was CSV then perform a mark/remove on lines that don't match the rule numbers this seems cumbersome or using screenshots but there are not editable or searchable by the end user.


If there is nothing available right now that performs this task I may attempt to write something for the API to do a search and only export the specific rules.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Varul Leir