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Beyond and first line support quality

Discussion created by Kaspars Zibarts on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Christian Riede

Time for my rant since it's been a while 


There is a separate thread created by Valeri regarding the new support portal Beyond. I'm still perplexed about how much customer feedback was gathered before launching it. Or is it just me who thinks that interface is so cluttered with information that is nearly impossible to read. Old one wasn't great but this is step backwards in my books. You really need to think how to make it more readable to get a good overview of the case progress and updates.


What makes it more amusing is that L1 yesterday asked me to SFTP case description that was added originally as PDF to the case as "he could not download it from Beyond". When I tried myself to download attached PDF; I realized that Chrome was blocking pop-ups, and it's not that easy to notice. So I can with fairly high certainty say that the same problem was with L1 support guy. But the question is - do you really shift responsibility back to customer and ask to do extra work or we have paid enough $$$ for the support to have proper education done internally if you decide to change customer support systems.


Another L1 support quality example was  Checkpoint SFTP account details sent via plain email - both username and password. Come on CP, you are security company yourselves, surely you can afford to educate such basic stuff to your L1. Just embarrassing. I know it's temporary account but still. 


There you go. Feels much better now