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Deleting old/unused policies - R77 and below. Best practices?

Question asked by J Saun on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Lari Luoma

I have multiple firewall management stations (mix of R65, R77 - NO R80). Each fw mgmt station has a bunch of old, unused firewall policies that I wish to remove/delete.


I have done some research and am confused about the best way to do it. Below are the 2 options I have found:


- use commands "./migrate export <filename>" and "backup"

- just use DB revision control


From my understanding, neither would retain any new changes made to other active policies if we did revert - which is fine.


From the above 2 mentioned procedures, which would be the best and easiest to roll back to if we figure out we need to bring one of the old policies back (likely not going to be an issue, just want to make sure I have a backout or revert plan).