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ClusterXL and new interface

Question asked by Maarten Sjouw on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Maarten Sjouw

Last week we had some problems with a customer setup where we first ran into an issue someone did a get interface with topology and was able to ok the topology without a Sync interface set. 

The new interface was still down, as the switch ports were not enabled yet, although the new interface was completely setup correctly, the config change was not pushed to the gateway until the interfaces were enabled (it was a Bond with 2 members). When checking with "cphaprob -a if" the new interface just did not get added. Finally when the interfaces were enabled and another policy push (during this time we also reset the sync interface in the topology) finally the interfaces showed up.

So far I can understand that the sync problem could have caused the other issue.

However, next step was, due to time constraints the customer decided to do a rollback. Now the guy who controlled the switch ports just shut them down without telling us. Ok now we see the standby member change state to down. Ok then we remove the VIP from the bond interface and push policy, you would guess it will be removed from the interface list in "cphaprob -a if", but nope, it just remained there and it did not remove the VIP...


Only removing the bond interface could bring the state back to active/standby. We tried removing the member interfaces first, which did not change anything and tried to turn the state off on the bond, but you cannot, you can only delete it.