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LDAP and Role

Question asked by Alexander Bauer on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Alessandro Marreiro

Hello together

 I have the following Situation Chechpoint 8.10 in a Cluster Configuration, all Traffic is working fine.
The was LDAP configured in the Past to conennct to 5 different Windows Domain Controller All Domain Controller are in sysnc and on the Entered in the Firewall.

We check all the Connection include (Fetch) and we get no Issue. So what is the Problem ?
On the Log we can see normaly IP Address and the current User based on LDAP and Windows on a Role.
But for some Users the is no Entry just Empty, only the IP Address is visible.

Permission is not read no Access to the Destination.
For other Users in the same Windows Group it works, the come from a other Subnet.
And other Users on a different Subnet we have the same Issue.

Any Idear.


best regars