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Change GAIA SSL-Port R80.20

Question asked by Johannes Schoen on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Alessandro Marreiro

Hi Guys,


I'm preparing for CCSA R80 and when I try to change the SSL-Port from Gaia through clish, the following output is given:

cp-mgmt> set web ssl-port 4434
WARNING This command is for initial use. SSL port should be set through SmartCon
sole. Changing the port may cause inconsistency with the settings on the SmartCo
Are you sure you want to continue?(Y/N)[N]

I cannot find any option to set the ssl-port for a GAIA system from SmartConsole.
The SecurityManagement Guide for R80.20 got no hits, when searching for "ssl-port"


Does anyone know where to find that option?


Best Regard