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Upgrade to R80.10 or R80.20

Discussion created by Martin Peinsipp on Jan 11, 2019
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Currently I am planing the overall upgrade of the customer's environment, as follows:


configuration right now:


- SMS: R77.30

- GWs:

   - R77.30 VSX-Cluster with about 4 virtual Firewalls (23500-Appliances), IPS/URLFilter/VPN/AntiBot/Identity Awareness /MobileAccess/Remote-VPN in place

   - 24 x 1450-Appliances (latest Software Release from July 2018)


My plan looks like this:


First, of course, I will upgrade the SMS, after this the VSX-GWs will be upgraded in about 2 month.


I am not sure, if i should upgrade the overall environment to R80.20 or is there a reason, why I should not do this now?


Is it better, to use R80.10 for now? Currently we do not have any performance-issues on the GWs.


Or is it a usable trade-off to install the SMS with R80.20 Mx and the VSX-GWs with R80.10?


After the upgrade my customer wants to use HTTPS-Interception for all the clients in combination with APP-Control.



What do you guys think about it?


Thank you Martin