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Install Policy: X Changes from Y sessions number

Discussion created by Aidan Luby on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Aidan Luby

Our management server has about 8 policies now and I used to like the Install Policy window where it indicates the amount of changes and sessions since the last install of the selected policy but now I find it confusing and misleading.


Our administrators often say: "Should I install this policy? I only changed 2 things but it shows hundreds of changes since the last install."


It's misleading because these numbers are the amount of changes in any session or policy on the current SMS since the current selected policy has been pushed, even if most of those changes or sessions never impacted the current policy. 


I can understand some changes are global and affect all policies but most are not. I also understand a lot of changes are just objects changed and added/removed in the global object database but it would then be useful if during install of a policy it shows the amount of global changes compared to the amount of changes that actually apply to the current policy being installed. So the second number would include rules that are changed added or deleted on the current policy, or to objects that are in the current policy.


Below is an image of what I saw last time I went to install policy on one of the gateways that doesn't get many edits done to it. About 600 or so of these changes have nothing to do with the policy I was about to install. I know the context of this but other administrators might get very confused and just choose to not install at all when they see this number. 



What do you think?