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How to create LegacyUserAtLocation object through the R80.x api?

Question asked by b47f4d37-8f32-4d67-8e79-267b3733307c on Jan 10, 2019
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in a R80.20 SMS, i need to implement a lot of object of type LegacyUserAtLocation and use in the rulebase as ClientAuth rule.

To use an existing LegacyUserAtLocation object, it's easy by referencing the uid, in the "source" filed of the api call for add-access-rule.
And this is the only way, because the allowed values for the "source" field are just "string" or a "list" of string (see Management API Reference v1.3).

For this reason,i suppose this object isn't a "runtime object", and should exist in the db(where, i don't know)

But how can i create a new LegacyUserAtLocation object?

If i would use add-generic-object api, i should know the class type to use in the "create" field, as explained in this link (see Request - 2    Add new user)... i miss this information


Take a look to the following request to clarify:


Request - https://_._._._/web_api/show-generic-object

This is the request for an existing LegacyUserAtLocation
    "uid": "fc3839e0-16d9-4d2b-9b6a-057744f7d3cc",
    "details-level" : "full"


  "domainsPreset": null,
  "objectValidationState": null,
  "color": "BLACK",
  "userGroup": "0f2aadf4-42b7-11e2-a0d2-00000000dede",
  "location": "ad57e4fc-42bb-11e2-a0d2-00000000dede",
  "uid": "fc3839e0-16d9-4d2b-9b6a-057744f7d3cc",
  "folder": {
    "uid": "baf708b7-6543-4b69-aa44-a3f6058e6607",
    "name": "Global Objects"
  "domain": {
    "uid": "41e821a0-3720-11e3-aa6e-0800200c9fde",
    "name": "SMC User"
  "meta-info": {
    "metaOwned": false,
    "lockStateResponse": null,
    "validationState": "OK",
    "deletable": true,
    "renameable": true,
    "newObject": false,
    "lastModifytime": 1546965204492,
    "lastModifier": "System",
    "creationTime": 1546964026903,
    "creator": "System"
  "tags": [
  "name": "user_1@location_1",
  "icon": "Objects/UsersGroup",
  "comments": "",
  "display-name": "",
  "customFields": null,
  "_original_type": "LegacyUserAtLocation"


I think to use something like:

Request - https://_._._._/web_api/add-generic-object

    "create" : "com.checkpoint.????.????.ClassUserAtLocation",
    "name": "new_user@new_location",
    "type": "LegacyUserAtLocation",
    "color": "black",
    "location": "ad57e4fc-42bb-11e2-a0d2-00000000dede",
    "userGroup": "0f2aadf4-42b7-11e2-a0d2-00000000dede",
    "icon": "Objects/UsersGroup",
    "comments": "Some comments",
    "display-name": "",
    "_original_type": "LegacyUserAtLocation"


but doesn't work!


Possible workaround (dbedit?) or a list of class are welcome.