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Identity Collector - Cisco ISE SXP mappings support

Question asked by Tom Vandepoel on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Günther W. Albrecht



I've been doing some testing with an R80.20 gateway, Identity Collector and Cisco ISE 2.4 pxGrid.

I've managed to interconnect these components so the basic communication is working fine (the certificate setup is quite cumbersome to be honest).


I'm am trying to get SXP-learned IP-SGT mappings into the CP IA blade, but it seems the identity collector is not picking these up. Does this mean that identity collector will only learn IP-SGT mappings from dynamic user sessions and not from SXP-learned IP-SGT mappings?


E.g. I've got the following static mapping on my test switch:

cts role-based sgt-map sgt 6


Which is then learned over SXP by ISE:

I've tried adding and removing the mappings as well but no mappings are being received on the collector, even though it is fully connected to pxgrid (and has an approved connection).


The identity collector does not seem to receive these SXP mappings at all... the ISE is set to publish these on pxgrid:


If this is not supported right now, is this on the roadmap?






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