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Anti-Bot and CPUSE updates failing

Question asked by Maxim Weinstein on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

I have a 5100 with R80.10 and the latest jumbo hotfix installed, running in standalone mode.


I am consistently getting "Update failed. Could not reach ''" for the Anti-Bot blade. In addition, CPUSE fails to download updates with "The package failed to download. Reason for failure: Bad or slow connection to the Check Point Cloud."


I have confirmed in the policy that no rules are blocking traffic. I can even see logged events showing an allowed http connection from the firewall to the IP address of I also checked that "Accept outgoing packets originating from Gateway" is enabled in Implied Policy->Configuration.


Traffic is able to flow from inside the firewall to the Internet without difficulty.


I can't think of any reason that the firewall would consistently have these two specific problems. Any thoughts?