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Reconnect member to cluster

Question asked by Hristo Grigorov on Jan 7, 2019



I wanted to revert to a previous firmware one of cluster members so I did like that:


1. Disabled ClusterXL on that member using down

2. Disconnected all network interfaces

3. Reverted to previous firmware

4. Restored backup configuration taken from that firmware


So, now member is essentially ready to be reconnected back to the cluster. However it is in Active Attention cluster state and if I just connect all network interfaces back on, I am afraid failover will occur immediately  and I want to avoid that.


For that, in a maintenance window I plan to do this:


1. Stop cluster service on disconnected node using cphastop

2. Connect all network interfaces in this order: LAN, WAN, SYNC.

3. Re-establish SIC (or otherwise confirm connectivity with SMS)

4. Install policy

5. Reboot appliance


Is this going to work or am I missing something important ? Thanx.