Aitor Carazo

"Where used" in R80.20 and https inspection policy not find objects on policy.

Discussion created by Aitor Carazo on Jan 7, 2019

Hello Checkmates,


Just for your information. I was trying to delete a Checkpoint management object that we used as Smartevent because now we have all on one server.


While i was trying to delete it give me errors about the object is used on other policies, and on the "where used" window there is nothing on the policies tab.


After many trials and errors i found that tailing cpm.elg while deleting the object there was a massive java error and on top of this errors there are the rules that are in error 


ssl_rulebase objid:[9edfa800-9ee9-4658-a52b-c1e458cc3e05] (field:rule[{743b26c7-0f6e-4e64-bd3e-2680d791a3bd}].dst.referenceobject)
ssl_rulebase objid:[9edfa800-9ee9-4658-a52b-c1e458cc3e05] (field:rule[{63320c62-0173-475b-a8b0-d963028d1fc2}].src.referenceobject)

Then i go to the https inspection policy, delete the object on those two rules and then i was abled to delete the object.


So, if you https inspection enabled, be carefull with this.


Best regards