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How to advertise /48 ipv6 to bgp peers

Question asked by Abeja huhuhu on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by Abeja huhuhu

Hi Guys,


again, i have some question on ipv6. we have /48 prefix of ipv6. we have configured each of our interface with /64 ipv6. the ip's is working fine from internal network but not from external. we try to publish /64 to bgp peers however upstream can only access /48. we have test few scenario but seems like don't find the correct way to do it.


1. scenario 1: set interface ip with /48

  able to get the route advertise successfully to peers and able to ping from external. however, if we use this, we will not able to do subnetting and assign it to another interface as it has overlap with the interface that we have configured with /48.


2. scenario 2: set interface with /64 or other subnet

 not able to advertise to bgp peers as they can only accept /48. i'm trying to use route-agregation but it seems only working for ipv4.


any suggestion on how can we achieved our objective which is to advertise route /48 to bgp peers while maintaining /64 subnet on each interface.