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SIP signalling traffic being dropped erroneously

Question asked by Mo Imran on Jan 3, 2019
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We recently noticed SIP signalling traffic (5060/udp) being dropped following a working configuration and appears to be happening to just one of two SIP gateways IP addresses , which have the same configuration. 


Background/Setup information:

The SIP gateways are on a private network however (static) NAT'ed for access to the external SIP endpoints. bi-directional access on ports: a) 5060/udp using sip_any service and the sip_media ports. 

The config has worked OK for quite a while and up until a few days ago when we migrated to R80.10. (T_154)


The issue:

Packets are not being dropped by IPS or hitting any of our rulebase but we can see that they are being subtly dropped by “fw_conn_post_inspect”


Has anyone else seen this issue? Any idea/suggestions on a workaround or how to bypass this?