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conncurrent connection limit allocation in VSX

Question asked by SHIVAKUMAR S on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Chris Atkinson

We have CP 5900 appliances and 4 VSX gateways has been created on it. Below are the memory details of the box. Currently concurrent limit has been set to just 15000 for each vsx. So how much we can set maximum concurrent connection limit in each VSX here ?


Number of Cores: 16
CPU Hyperthreading: Enabled
Number of disks: 2
Disk 1 Model: HGST HTE*********
Disk 1 Capacity: 500 GB
Disk 2 Model: HGST HTE*********
Disk 2 Capacity: 500 GB
Total Disks size: 1000 GB
Total Memory: 16384
Memory Slot 1 Size: 8192