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cphaprob status showing down cause by routed

Question asked by Abeja huhuhu on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Alessandro Marreiro

Hi Team, wishing you guys happy new year.  i need some help. i have deployed checkpoint firewall HA using clusterXL . this firewall also having BGP routing configured. i can see that only one firewall will have BGP peer status establish. secondary firewall will have peer status as idle. cphaprob status as per below:


cphaprob state


Cluster Mode:   High Availability (Active Up) with IGMP Membership


ID         Unique Address  Assigned Load   State          Name                                              


1   0%              DOWN           amadelo01-new
2 (local)   100%            ACTIVE         amadelo02-new


on the the secondary node, we can see that the cluster is down due to routed pnote:




Last member state change event:
   Event Code:                 CLUS-111700
   State change:               INIT -> DOWN
   Reason for state change:    ROUTED PNOTE
   Event time:                 Mon Dec 31 18:51:03 2018


Last cluster failover event:
   Transition to new ACTIVE:   Member 1 -> Member 2
   Reason:                     Reboot
   Event time:                 Mon Dec 31 18:47:01 2018


Cluster failover count:
   Failover counter:           3
   Time of counter reset:      Mon Dec 31 18:51:03 2018 (reboot)


output of cphaprob list:

cphaprob list


Registered Devices:


Device Name: routed
Registration number: 2
Timeout: none
Current state: problem
Time since last report: 59996.3 sec


i have try reinstall policy to the firewall but still the status showing down. is there anything that we could use to force it to be Standby again instead of showing down.?