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R80.20 install on Power-1 5070

Question asked by Al Marti on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by Al Marti

For various reasons we would like to get more life out of a pair of Power-1 5070 appliances and run R80.20 on them. Officially Checkpoint does not support R80.20 on the hardware which is understandable. But there is still a lot of life left the hardware and I would like to just run it as an open server hardware gateway cluster since it is really just x64 server hardware.


When booting from the R80.20 gateway fresh install ISO it recognizes that it is a 5070 and aborts the install as per the attached screen shot.    I was hoping that some configuration in the BIOS was allowing the installation package to determine the hardware was a 5070,  so I obtained the BOIS ROM password and booted into the BIOS.  Unfortunately after scouring the BIOS I don't see anything that would refer to a 5070 or P-10-00.


Does anyone have any other ideas on how the installation package is identifying the hardware as a 5070?


I have taken apart the installation package and think I have found the file that triggers the installation abort condition:




and can just change the following:


<model manufacturer="CheckPoint" type="P-10-00" blocked="true">

<name>Power-1 5070</name>




<model manufacturer="CheckPoint" type="P-10-00" blocked="false">
<name>Power-1 5070</name>


and then just rebuild the installation package with mkisofs,  but that is more of a hack rabbit hole than I want to go down.


Anyways if anyone else some ideas please let me know.