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Policy based routing for O365

Question asked by Hiep Bui on Dec 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Hiep Bui


We have a cluster of 2 SG5900, with 2 internet links. we want to use the 2 links as below:

- link 1: primary link for O365 traffic and secondary for other traffic.

- link 2: secondary link for O365 and primary for other traffic.

My understanding is we will need to configured Policy Based Routing (Gaia OS) for this requirement.

However, O365 has a lot of IP addresses, which means we need to configure a lot of routes and policies in Gaia OS. Besides, O365 has some URLs (from the list provided by Microsoft Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges | Microsoft Docs), and their IP addresses/URLs may be changed anytime.

So could anyone suggest a smarter way to fulfill this requirement?