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Mapping Rule numbers from R80.20 to fwaccel stat output

Question asked by Arne Boettger on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Danny Jung



we have VSX Gateways with R77.30 managed by R80.20. On one VS, acceleration is disabled according to fwaccel stat.


Accelerator Status : on
Accept Templates   : disabled by Firewall
                     disabled from rule #112
Drop Templates     : enabled
NAT Templates      : disabled by user


However, we see no reason for this in rule 1.112, and even moved this rule. The status did not change, neither did the rule number diabling acceleration. We found sk62323, and the note regarding R80 to add/substract one from the rule number. But the surrounding rules also dont look like they could disable acceleration.


How can we map the Rule number from R80.20 Policy to the gateway?


Regards, Arne