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Bond recommendations

Question asked by Igor Simovski on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Igor Simovski

Hello all,


Could you please advise me regarding BOND interface. Current situation is that we have SYNC link and we want to place it into the bond for all the benefits there are. Now i saw properly here, there can not be two SYNC interfaces inside the bond, so what are the best practices/recommendation regarding this. Here is precise question from technical staff that is suggesting this:


The issue is, for now it’s a single access interface.

As this is not redundant, we’d like to go to a bonded interface (a port-channel on the switch) of 2 physical connections.


For that we’d like to first create a new SYNC-interface already in bond and connect it.

Fail over the sync to the new one and add the original one to the bond.


Many thanks for any advice! :-)