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DHCP server configuration on GAIA R80.20

Question asked by Stefan Seiler on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Stefan Seiler

Hi Mates,


I configured two CheckPoint appliances (3200) in a  high availability cluster. I tried to configure a DHCP server on one of the firewalls. On the GAIA everything seems fine but the Firewall doesn't answer any DHCP packages. 


DHCP section of the config:


add dhcp server subnet netmask 28
set dhcp server subnet default-lease 3600
set dhcp server subnet max-lease 7200
set dhcp server subnet domain
set dhcp server subnet dns ","
set dhcp server subnet default-gateway
add dhcp server subnet include-ip-pool start end
set dhcp server subnet enable
set dhcp server enable


The Network is on a VLAN interface on a bond. Address spoofing is disabled.


Do you have any tipps?


Thanks for your help!