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Internet Explorer display issue

Question asked by Katelyn Eubanks on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Stacy Dunn

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing Internet Explorer display issues when accessing internal sites in your environment. 

SmartEndpoint 77.30.03

Endpoint version 80.88

SR: 3-066195751


We have desktop shortcuts on end user PCs that access an internal site. When users click on the shortcut, an instance of internet explorer opens and the page stays blank, and in task manager reports internet explorer as not responding. Only when accessing this site through the desktop shortcut does this happen. When we shut off the sandblast threat extraction and emulation blade, we no longer see this issue. I believe it has to do with the checkpoint.sandblast add-on. When users open up an instance of internet explorer and navigate to the web page it works just fine. The only hold up is the desktop shortcut that leads directly to the site. Has anyone else experienced this? We have tried whitelisting all kinds of ways and shutting off pieces of threat extraction and emulation and it does not make a difference. We have to turn off the entire blade to get the shortcut to function properly. A chrome desktop shortcut for the same site works fine as well, but management does not want this to be used. Any advise?