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Question asked by Bill Ng on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Daniel Meier

Hi all,


We are planning to spin up more services to Office 365 in the near future.  There have been several questions our O365 team has concerning the outbound browsing FW.    



We use a single outbound browsing NAT and the concern is the number of ports used on that single address could be exhausted.  Will this be a problem for O365?  Microsoft recommended to have multiple outbound NATs to mitigate this.  Are multiple outbound NATs possible?  I thought I read somewhere that if the Destinations are different then you would get sets of ports for each destination IPs.


Is there a way to monitor or get an idea of current number of ports being used by our single overloaded NAT?


Is there a way to get any type of reporting around Office 365 traffic outbound?


Any suggestions, links, articles are welcomed.


Thanks in Advance,