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Endpoint Security E80.89 Client released!

Discussion created by Danny Jung Champion on Dec 12, 2018
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E80.89 includes the -No Reboot Deployment- feature, Forensics Report improvements and other product enhancements.
It supports all features of previous releases.
Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.89 for: Windows Clients | Mac Clients

New Features

  • No Reboot Deployment
    • Endpoint Security client deployment is now available, without reboots, for the following:
      • Compliance
      • Anti-Malware
      • Firewall and Application Control
      • Remote Access VPN
      • URL Filtering
      • SandBlast Agent Blades
    • Upgrades from E80.89 to later releases are supported, without reboots, for the following:
        • Compliance
        • Firewall and Application Control
        • Remote Access VPN
        • URL Filtering
        • SandBlast Agent Blades
          Note: Upgrades of some Full Disk Encryption, Media Encryption and Port Protection, Capsule Docs and Anti-Malware versions might require reboot.
    • Forensics Report
      • The report has updates and improvements in the overview and general screens. The overview screen now includes additional information such as malware family, attack types and other details. The general screen contains more information about incidents. 
      • The Tree and Tree Time Line screens also have updated navigational toolbars.
    • Remote Access Client
        • Support for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809).


      • Anti-Ransomware, Behavioral Guard and Forensics
        • Forensics reports no longer show Anti-Bot in "Detect" mode as having a "Blocked" status.
        • Resolves a Forensics Analysis issue when incidents that include the Task Scheduler may add unrelated processes to the Forensics report.
        • Resolves a Forensics Analysis issue where some "riskware" processes are not properly followed and terminated.
        • Forensics reports now include the Malware Family Name when available to the reputation section of a process.
        • Resolves a rare Forensics Analysis issue when an entry point jumps between different browsers incorrectly.
        • The Forensic report's network view now shows entry point URLs and associated Domains.
        • Enforces exclusions of Check Point signed process related file activity in the driver to improve Forensics performance.
      • Threat Emulation and Anti-Exploit
        • Resolves several cases where Threat Emulation file monitoring locks the file, interfering with other application uses.
        • Resolves an issue where benign zero phishing logs appear as malicious. 
      • SandBlast Agent Infrastructure
        • Resolves an issue of Remediation request ID collisions and the interference in remediation, if multiple requests appear together.
      • Client Infrastructure
        • Improves Software Development Status reporting.
      Note: macOS 10.14 (Mojave) can only work with E80.89 clients.

      You must upgrade the Endpoint Security client to this version before you can upgrade the operating system.

      It is strongly recommended that you read the Client Release Notes, before installing this release.