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How to configure sending logs to external syslog server from specific originating ip

Question asked by Abeja huhuhu on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Prabulingam N

Hi Guys,


i have some question. We has been requested to send gateway logs to externally manage syslog server. Currently this syslog server can only be connected thru site-to-site VPN which is handle by the same firewall gateway. So far we can see that the syslog traffic has been send from the firewall gateway to the syslog server. However, the syslogs traffic is originating from the firewall gateway public IP cluster interface. which is causing the traffic is not sent through the vpn tunnel. What i'm trying to find now is:


1. is it possible to specify the syslog traffic to be originating from specific firewall interface instead of the external interface ip?

2. is there any suggested way to send firewall gateway logs from the firewall gateway itself to externally manage syslog server?


just for your information. we are currently using R80.10