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Unable to get logs on my Management server

Discussion created by Kul Chuhan on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Hugo van der Kooij

I am here at the head office and we have R80.10 installed on the management Server

I can get logs from the firewall at my head office but i cant get any logs from the branch offices located in other places.

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Issue: Security Management Server is not receiving logs from Security Gateway.

--> Observed that 4 gateways are not forwarding the logs to the management server.
--> Disk space is fine on management server.
--> All processors all established.
--> Log server integrated with management server.
--> Management Server able to communicate over SIC with 4 Security Gateway's.
--> checked management interface in GAIA GUI showing up.
--> Cheked firewall log file fw.log growing on the both Security Gateway's.
--> Management Server listening on TCP port 257.
--> And gateways are listening on TCP port 257.
--> Done the cpstop/cpstart on the Mangement server but no luck.
--> Perform the cpstop and moved all fw.log* files from the $FWDIR/log/ to /var/tmp the ran the cpstar but no luck.
Please help me.