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fw_conn_post_inspect Reason: fwconn_key_init_links (OUTBOUND) failed;

Question asked by Tom Stala on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Tom Stala

We have a VSX setup running R80.10

We have some translation issues that have show very ugly results that have led us to reboot the firewalls.


We have been trying to track down issues with the Firewalls seem to be dropping traffic when going outbound.


There is one program that runs a new lets say test credit card every 45 seconds and it is running 24 hours a day and we have been getting 4 failed communications.


it shows as accepted in the logs but there is no address translations so we run a zdebug forever to fid that it is the firewall dropping communications.


other seen issue

two servers sending an ICMP for monitoring up status.

Server A and Server B behind same IP Hide address


we turned B off

Traffic from A was going out fine and then coming back it was getting translated to B
Rebooted the firewall due to a lot of communication errors and this fixed this issue.


But we are looking for a answer as to what can we do to fix this issue


 fw_conn_post_inspect Reason: fwconn_key_init_links (OUTBOUND) failed;