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R80.10 API verify-policy Postman response

Question asked by Jason Rakers on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by Jason Rakers

I am trying to pass the task-id response value from a verify-policy request in Postman as an environment variable.  However, it appears that the output of "task-id" is not a valid json reference?  Based on my testing it appears to be because of the dash "-" in the name "task-id".  Does anyone know of another why to retrieve this value? 


Here is my request:


I perform a verify-policy POST and get the following response:


"task-id" : "01234567-89ab-cdef-9966-b355dd0c80f1"


That request also has a test script to take the value of "task-id" and put it in my environment as variable "tk".  


var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody);

//use task as variable
postman.setEnvironmentVariable("tk", jsonData.task-id);


But executing this results in error, and the output from the Postman console indicates it is not defined, despite it shown in the response body.    

ReferenceError | id is not defined





Also i think the API reference documentation is incorrect as the only response i get from a web-session API call is the task-id, i do not receive the failure messages.  The only output I receive from my verify-policy POST is a task-id (contrary to the API reference with results for failure), whether the verification is good or has errors.  Therefore I am trying to also view the results of the verification task when it completes.  I am using the task-id in a following request to view the output of the verification (i.e. show-task API request).