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CoreXL affinity on VSX R80.10 does not survive reboot?

Question asked by Rick Hoppe on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Rick Hoppe

I already submitted a case to TAC but I'm wondering if the community experiences the following behaviour too.

It appears we now have two customers with the same issue on VSX R80.10.


Customer 1: VSX cluster which is recently upgraded from R77.30 to R80.10 with JHF Take 154.

Customer 2: New VSX clusters on R80.10 with JHF Take 167, not in production yet.


CoreXL is disabled on VS0. SecureXL is enabled on all Virtual Systems.


SIM affinity and CoreXL affinity was set with the usual commands. But it appears that after the upgrade of Customer 1 and planned reboots of the nodes of Customer 2 (not in production yet) the affinity config is not applied. When checking this with "fw ctl affinity -l -a" we see the configured affinity.


But a "fw ctl affinity -l -x -vsid 1 -flags tn" shows that the default affinity is applied. The * in the V column confirms that the actual affinity is different than the configured affinity.


I can change affinity again to fix this but it is only a temporary fix as a reboot resets everything to default again,

Example of the commands that were given at Customer 2:

sim affinity -s

fw ctl affinity -s -d -vsid 2-3 -cpu 2-3

If I'm not mistaken the -d option is meant to set this permanently, right?


Anyone else who've seen this in their environments?