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Logs from TE SG on TE Appliance managed by a different MGMT

Question asked by Andrey Ganichev on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Thomas Werner


I have the question about TE logs. There is a such configuration (sk102309 section 10) : TE Appliance R77.30 JHF Take 338 engine 57.990004002 is managed MGMT-TE R80.20. GWS that send files for emulation to TE Appliance are manager anothers MGMT. In SmartLog on MGMT-TE R80.20 I don't see Threat Emulation logs. Is it by design or something wrong in a configuration?

tecli s s
General Information:
Scanned files: 5 264

Files destined for Local Emulation:
Scanned files locally: 5 264