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HowTo: React on Check Point Information Disclosure

Discussion created by Danny Jung Champion on Nov 27, 2018
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Every now and then auditors reviewing and penetrating Check Point firewalls are often criticizing a http web portal being accessible on tcp-port 18264 of the firewall's external interface providing a so called Internal_CA for download.

Don't be fooled, this is not the Internal CA Management Tool, which runs on tcp-port 18265 on your SmartCenter once you enabled it. See:


What's it then?

Your Check Point Firewall just allows obtaining CRLs via an HTTP request on ICA port 18264/tcp.

See: sk32682, sk99076


Check Point writes:

Is this a vulnerability? No. All CAs have to do this.
This is a security feature, not a security problem. Without publishing the CRL, you lose security.


Auditors also like to criticize port 264 being open disclosing the firewall's hostname.

Check Point considers this information public (sk69360).

Also read this interesting thread about the hostname disclosure.


You can still improve security!

Option 1: Exclude FW1_ica_services on port 18264 (sk35292) from the implied rules and explicitly define a rule allowing access to this port from specific IP addresses. This only works if RemoteAccess VPN users don't connect from dynamic IPs.

Option 2: Detect and prevent port scans via IPS and/or SmartEvent.

Option 3: Block known scanners, such as shodan.io, censys.io and others. Check Point has an IPS protection for this.