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UDP mapping (on R80.20)

Discussion created by Hugo van der Kooij on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Hugo van der Kooij

Silly me. I tried to find the answer in Secure Knowledge or in some existing predefined service. But I could not find the answer.


I want to map a port on the firewall to a port on another server. (aka: my honeypot)

It's easy to clone http_mapped and do this for TCP port. But I can't find an example for UDP.


So I did the next best thing and did a trial-and-error attempt:

  1. Clone http_mapped to my own service HoneyPot_SIP
  2. General
    1. Match By : Change from IP Protocol 6 to IP protocol 17
  3. Advanced
    1. Match: Change tcp to udp
    2. Match: Change dport=80 to dport=5060
    3. Action: Change 80 to 5060
    4. Action: Change to my HoneyPot IP address
  4. Publish and install policy


So far it seems work just fine. Need to do some real capturing to see it the translate actually works.