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How ping works with a ClusterXL?

Question asked by Thomas B on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Thomas B

Hi all,


I have a question about the ping with a Cluster of 2 appliances.


I have the following situation



Switch and are connected.

Appliance is active and is standby.


From the appliance (standby) I can ping and


But I had an issue and the link between and is down like it's following:


The appliance still be the standby one. For it, I can ping but not

I can ping only when is active.


When I check with fw monitor I saw "o" with and "O "with that is carried by the active appliance (

So when I am pinging with the standby appliance, the ping is going out thru the active appliance?


Is there a way to force the ping to go out with the IP and by its interface not the virtual?

Is there a way to make ssh to without putting active?


Thank you!