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CoreXL: only one SND core is busy

Question asked by 1fb431d2-d804-449a-bccd-5f3f95de6259 on Nov 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by 1fb431d2-d804-449a-bccd-5f3f95de6259

I'll put pictures because the copy paste breaks the table formatting:


fw ctl affinity -l -r

cpstat os -f multi_cpu (it's Sunday morning so not much traffic)


As you can see only the first SND (on the first CPU core) seems to be doing anything. The other SND (CPU 2/3 depending on the command) is mostly idling.


I suspect this may be because there is only one LACP bond interface (of two physical interfaces) on the gateway (but with many vlan subinterfaces). Therefore all the queuing of this bonding interface would maybe be handled by the first SND only, does that make sense?

If this is correct, I guess I should reconfigure CoreXL with only one SND?


It is an open server R77.30 gateway.