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Activating Identity Awareness R80 gateway with Active Directory can obtain user list

Question asked by Antonio Rodriguez on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Hi, im trying to activate my identity Awareness blade on R80 gateway, in the wizard the connection with my AD result ok, but when Im trying to create a Access Role requesting a list of users of the domain controller, it doesn't  work.


When I use the test_ad_connectivity -x -o my_test2.txt -s -w command on expert mode, I can see these results:

[Expert@gwr801:0]# cat my_test2.txt
        :status (SUCCESS_WMI)
        :ldap_status (LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR)
        :wmi_status (ADLOG_SUCCESS)
        :timestamp ("Fri Nov 23 10:37:19 2018")


Using another diagnostic commands, the output shows connection with the active directory, in fact I can observe data for machines on =the domain an users of certainf OUs. but in the Securty Management I can not obtaing the user list, to create access roles based rules.


other ouptputs:


[Expert@gwr801:0]# adlog a dc
Domain controllers:
Domain Name               IP Address                Events (last hour)   Connection state
============================================================================================================                  167                  has connection
Ignored domain controllers on this gateway:
No ignored domain controllers found.
[Expert@gwr801:0]# adlog a q a
ip: --> Users: Ernesto Cabello (; fortilab (;
ip: --> Machines:;
ip: --> Machines:;
ip: --> Machines:;
ip: --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Gabriel Salcedo (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Angel Garcia (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Antonio Rodriguez (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Javier Orejarena (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Angelica Rangel (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Arquimedes Gardie (;
ip: --> Users: Ludexi Ortega (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Yeritson Pernia (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Users: Janeth Laguado (;  --> Machines:;
ip: --> Machines:;
ip: --> Machines:;
I can see detailed information of the domain via shell, but not on the Security management, 
thanks for anyone help me.