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Upgrade to R77.30

Question asked by Jesus Cano on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Aleksei Shelepov



We have a cluster A/P and MGMT in R77.20. We need to upgrade to R77.30. for EOL reasons:




 ESX VMware ESXi 5.5:

               Gaia  R77.20 de 64bit

                2 CPUs - 4GHz (more or less)

                Memory 6GB

                HD 300 GB




   DELL Power Edge R710

                               2 Disk SAS 300 GB of 15 K rpm

                               CPU 2 socks of 2 cores

                               Memory RAM 6 GB


So i would like to confirm if this HW is supported for R77.30. And if there is any procedure to upgrade to MGMT, and gateways to R77.30 with all the steps. This upgrade is done using a legacy tar.gz like HF? anything to keep in mind before upgrading?



thanks a lot