Iain King

R80.20 isomorphic install to open server fail

Discussion created by Iain King on Nov 21, 2018
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Today I attempted to install R80.20 smart management server on an open server. It was full of fail.


I get the installation menu, I select the with ACPI + VGA install and the installer starts.. it then repeatedly attempts to mount a cdrom (?) and then fails.


The ISOmorphic installer for R80.20 worked fine for direct upgrade of the 3000 series devices I'm installing today (no problem at all, seamless). I used the latest isomorphic version available and the latest R80.20 iso.


Open server installations (using the iso) have succeeded already using VMware workstation etc, this was my first attempt on a physical machine (default dell workstation with no trimmings). I disabled the CDROM in the bios.. it failed claiming it couldn't find it.


I will post the screenshots when I return from site.


Anyone else having this issue? (I will likely attempt install again with a dvd at a later date).